Version 0.6 - 05 Feb 2005

A long time since the last release. This new release introduces something I've wanted to write for a long time - a Vector Space Search style classifier.

Classifier4J 0.6 introduces a new VectorClassifier and revises the build structure.

  • VectorClassifier is a type of classifier. See the usage guide for details.
  • Maven is now used completely for the build. The CVS module has changed to "newbuild".

Version 0.51 - 30 May 2004

Classifier4J 0.51 is a bug fix for 0.5.

  • JDBCWordsDataSource now works correctly on databases that are case sensitive WRT to table names.
  • CustomizableStopWordProvider now correctly allows customization of the word list.

Version 0.5 - 17 December 2003

Classifier4J version 0.5's improvements come from suggestions from the community. Some of these worth noting are:

  • JDBCWordsDataSource now properly stored the connection info set in the constructor (bug)
  • New DataSourceJDBCConnectionManager
  • New SimpleHTMLTokenizer
  • New CustomizableStopWordProvider
  • JDBCWordsDataSource now truncates any words longer than 255 characters
  • SimpleWordsDataSource is now Serializable
  • Removal of dependancy on commons-lang

Version 0.4

Classifier4J Version 0.4 has many enhancements over version 0.3. Most of these are internal, and will allow us to do better things in the future.

Apart from those changes, some noteworthy additions are:

  • The addition of a ISummariser interface, which supports text summary. A sample web-app is available online.
  • A Classifier4J-optional jar, which contains some simple demos and a JDBM datasource (for you performance freaks).

Version 0.3

Classifer4J Version 0.3 is the first release recommened for non-experimental use. Some of the many improvements include:

  • The ability to train the BayesianClassifier via a ITrainable interface, rather than requiring updates to the datasource.
  • Performance and design improvements to the JDBCWordDataSource.
  • Stop Word support.
  • Internal Refactoring, particually with respect to the WordProbability object (thanks to Peter Leschev).

Version 0.2

Classifer4J Version 0.2 is the first official release. It doesn't come with any demos, and was released more to familiarise myself with Sourceforge than because of any great technological breakthrough.